Entrees Menu

Italian bruscetta with tomatoes
Prawns pilpil
Cold tomato soup
Grilled king prawns
Aubergine with tomato and parmesan
Garlic bread
Ham and melon
Mixed seasonal salad
House salad
Tomato, buffala mozarella and basil

More Concrete MAIN DISHES

Grilled salmon
Entrecote steak
Lamb chops
Turkey kebab on skewers
Grilled chicken with curry
Chicken kebab
Lamb kebab

Al dente PASTA

Pasta with Bolognese sauce
Pasta with Carbonara sauce
Pasta Pesto
Seafood pasta
Bolognese lasagna
Ricotta and Spinach ravioli
Gniocchi with four cheeses

Flavour Pizza

Tomate y queso / Tomato and cheese
Aceitunas, anchoas y alcaparras / Olives, anchovies and capers
Piña y jamón / Pineapple and ham
Champiñones y jamón / Mushrooms and ham
Bacon, cebolla y parmesano / Bacon, onion and parmesan
Salami picante / Hot salami
Cebolla, jamón, salami y champiñones / Onions, ham, salami and mushrooms
Marisco / Seafood
Alcachofas, jamón, salami y champiñones / Artichokes, ham, salami and mushrooms
Four cheeses
Gorgonzola, jamón de parma y parmesano / Gorgonzola, parma ham and parmesan
Atún, cebolla y huevo / Tuna, onion and egg
Nata, bacon, cebolla y parmesano / Cream, bacon, onion and parmesan
Salsa barbacoa y bacon / Barbecue sauce and bacon
Con verdura / With vegetables
Jamón y champiñones / Ham and mushrooms
Salami calabrese y aceitunas / Calabrese salami and olives